Why Choose Us?

Here are 8 reasons why you should use creative photography for your business.

leopard in the dark

Marketing & Promotion

Capture breathtaking images of wildlife and landscapes, attracting tourists and investors.

Picture of Rhino from motswari

Lasting Memories

Photographers capture special moments for guests to cherish.

Advertising Campaigns

Creates visually stunning campaigns showcasing adventure and luxury experiences.

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborate with other content creators, influencers, or media outlets, expanding the reach and exposure of the game farm or reserve.

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Real Estate Development

Showcase your accommodation & Investment opportunities within the Reserve

Brochure and Print Materials

Striking visuals enable the creation of captivating brochures, print ads, and promotional materials, enticing potential visitors.

lion cub leaning up against a large male lion

Online Presence & Social Media

High-quality imagery engages and educates followers, enticing visitors to your Game Reserve

elephants down by the water

International Exposure

Exceptional photography can lead to features in travel magazines, online publications, or social media accounts with a large following, increasing international exposure and recognition for the game farm or reserve.

the Untamed
Beauty of
South Africa"

Step into an enchanting African dream at Motswari Private Game Reserve, a family-owned luxury safari lodge nestled within the vast Timbavati and Umbabat Private Nature Reserve.

With extraordinary scenery, authentic atmosphere, and heartfelt hospitality, this remarkable reserve captivates visitors. Majestic creatures, including the renowned Big Five, grace their natural habitat, while the essence of conservation and protection, embodied by the name “Motswari,” resonates throughout.

Spanning 18,000 hectares and boasting a rich history, the dedicated staff ensures personal attention, creating an instant sense of belonging for every guest.

The lodge’s allure is further heightened by captivating artworks by owner Marion Geiger-Orengo, infusing visual splendor into every corner.

Captivating visuals help engage audiences, attract tourists, investors, and conservation enthusiasts, propelling reserves to thrive in a competitive market.”

elephants down by the water
Picture of Rhino from motswari

Rhino Disharmony

Picture of Rhino from motswari

Rhino Disharmoney, co-founded by artist Marion Geiger, is an innovative organization dedicated to addressing the crisis faced by rhinos. Through art and activism, they raise awareness and funds for rhino conservation. Geiger’s captivating artworks convey the plight of these majestic creatures, aiming to create a harmonious world where rhinos can thrive. Their impactful approach is making a difference in protecting and preserving these endangered species.

Group on Table Mountain
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group photo on foot in the bush
group photograph taken in the bush at night
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Propel Africa

Propel Africa is a trusted destination management company specializing in curating extraordinary travel experiences across the diverse landscapes of Africa. Their personalized itineraries and commitment to sustainability ensure unforgettable journeys. With a vast network of partners, Propel Africa will bring your travel dreams to life. Discover the magic of Africa with Propel Africa and create lifelong memories.

The "Rainbow Team" Project

Everyone involved with the rainbow team in one photo

Through The Rainbow Team, we help raise and empower the next generation of South Africans. Our motto “A part of something bigger” indicates that we see every person as a unique individual who can contribute to a better soccer team and a better society.

The rainbow team standing in front of a glass window at the airport

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Job title

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rainbow team at the gothia youth world cup

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