Decompression Party 2015

The Rockerfellas

Ladies and Gentleman, after 5 straight Afrikaburn Festivals & 2 Decompression parties, the debauchery circus known as the Rockerfellas suddenly disappeared from the Earths surface. Last seen, somewhere outside of Ceres. Where did they go? Did they all suddenly die a Rock-n-Roll death?


Well now we know…. They came back for another epic Decompression party. Oh yes! They came back! Back from rehab, back from their court-cases; from child support trials; from plastic surgery resorts; from penis enlargement clinics; from prison, and in one case, back from the Cape Town psychiatric ward. Oh yes my beautiful burners, they came back for all of us. Suddenly, they simply appeared on stage, wearing more makeup, more hairspray, bigger platforms and more dry ice than ever before. With Guinness, Vodka & Whiskey flowing like a marvelous meandering river, they partied harder and as usual trashed more hotel rooms that night than any other band in the world – or at least they would like to think so.

This clip is a humble token of appreciation from all the fellas in the band to all of those involved in Afrikaburn and the Decompression party.

It’s about a band called the Rockerfellas who truly love themselves, but my beautiful burners, i’m here to tell you, that they love YOU even more. In 2016 they will be back to see you all again in the dust, which of course it their true spiritual home. Thank you all, and make our Rock-God Alice Cooper follow your footsteps till we meet again. Ladies and Gentleman, i give you… the MIGHTY, MIGHTY ROCKERFELLAS…..

Produced, Filmed & Edited by
Russell Tranter

Music by,



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